Why "be green"?


At SELTMANN WEIDEN, we have always given top priority to production methods that respect stringent environmental criteria and health guidelines.


To create a credible, long-term means of communicating this eco-friendliy approach, embraced by the whole Seltmann group, Seltmann has developed an environmental quality seal for its porcelain manufacturing acitivies.This environmental quality seal embodies a set of standards that SELTMANN WEIDEN has actively put into practice for a long time, all focused on the following key criteria:




This means: Developing innovative technologies for the exceptionally eco-friendly production of products that respect the strictest health guidelines.







  • Porcelain mass made of natural minerals with no chemical additives
  • Porcelain is lead- and cadmium-free (in accordance with the strict regulations of the state of California, USA)
  • These guidelines cover certification and strict legal limits, with regular inspections to ensure compliance with these limits





  • Porcelain is fired using eco-friendly natural gas
  • Introduction of the latest waste gas filter technologies
  • Reduction of CO2-emissions






  • Regular inspections by independent testing institute
  • Maximum use of recycling
  • Preference is given to recyclable packaging wherever possible






  • Access to natural water resources and return to the environment after treatment
    - No use of drinking water
    - No use of waste water systems
    - Ressource-neutral processes
  • Gradual optimisation of logistics
  • Reduction of natural gas consumption
  • Heat recovery using cutting-edge technology




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